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Chapter 2 starting 1/6/2020!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that we are going live with new comics as of January 6th, 2020! We have caught up and got everything all settled after the debacle of the SmackJeeves change. For everyone who stayed with us, it is greatly appreciated!

We are looking at not only a Monday comic page every week but we are going to be releasing little minicomics either on Thursday or Friday. Laura has also wanted to do some videos for drawing so you can see them done but we will be implementing those as we go.

Thank you to everybody who has hung in there as we moved. I appreciate your dedication for staying with us through the tulmultous changes.

Did you know we have a discord? Why don’t you come join us? We only have a few people right now but I’m happy to talk writing, comics, and Beloved Chains!

Look forward to a get 2020 with Maevin and Henry!



¡Solo quería que todos supieran que vamos a vivir con nuevos cómics a partir del 6 de enero de 2020! Nos hemos puesto al día y hemos solucionado todo después de la debacle del cambio de SmackJeeves. ¡Para todos los que se quedaron con nosotros, es muy apreciado!

Estamos viendo no solo una página de cómics los lunes cada semana, sino que vamos a lanzar pequeños minicomics, ya sea el jueves o el viernes. Laura también ha querido hacer algunos videos para dibujar para que pueda verlos, pero los implementaremos a medida que avanzamos.

Gracias a todos los que se han quedado allí mientras nos mudamos. Agradezco su dedicación por permanecer con nosotros a través de los tumultuosos cambios.

¿Sabías que tenemos una discordia? ¿Por qué no vienes con nosotros? ¡Solo tenemos unas pocas personas en este momento, pero estoy feliz de hablar sobre escritura, cómics y cadenas amadas!

¡Esperamos tener 2020 con Maevin y Henry!

We Should be Good to Go!

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After a lot of back and forth, I have finally gotten the website where I want it (for the most part). You should no longer see the website continually change as I’ve settled on the way I want it to display.

We are still in the process of getting Issue #2 all done. We have the cover and the first page is done and we are still working on getting the next issue all done! Stay tuned!

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Xaltean Culture – General Overview

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Generated Report for Diplomatic Bureau of the Terran Confederacy

Subject: Xaltean Culture – General Overview

By: Jane Openheim, Attache to The United Planetary Council

Before I begin this report, I should be clear that this is only a general overview of a very indepth and fully mature culture and should not be seen as a definitive work. The last three months on Hope Station, the agreed meeting grounds along the Xaltean Kingdom’s border, I have had the opportunity to speak with Lady Ashana of the House Kevena on many similarities and difference between our people.

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