We Should be Good to Go!

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After a lot of back and forth, I have finally gotten the website where I want it (for the most part). You should no longer see the website continually change as I’ve settled on the way I want it to display.

We are still in the process of getting Issue #2 all done. We have the cover and the first page is done and we are still working on getting the next issue all done! Stay tuned!

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Xaltean Culture – General Overview

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Generated Report for Diplomatic Bureau of the Terran Confederacy

Subject: Xaltean Culture – General Overview

By: Jane Openheim, Attache to The United Planetary Council

Before I begin this report, I should be clear that this is only a general overview of a very indepth and fully mature culture and should not be seen as a definitive work. The last three months on Hope Station, the agreed meeting grounds along the Xaltean Kingdom’s border, I have had the opportunity to speak with Lady Ashana of the House Kevena on many similarities and difference between our people.

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